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By Aaron Case on 1/13/2011 10:51 AM
I finally completed and launched the new version of the Luminae Web Site. I wanted the design to be clean and classic, high contrast, easy to read. Getting the aesthetics just right was a key part of the redesign. From a user-interface perspective, I integrated a new simplified and sleek submenuing navigation which allows users to get to the write-up and portfolio sections for each of Luminae's core offerings.

Under the hood, the site is running on DotNetNuke which is an open source tech that has built-in architecture, security, key functions and component libraries. This makes it relatively easy to manage and adjust the site as necessary without having to dive into the code.

Home Page

Interior Portfolio Page
By Cindy Case on 1/11/2011 10:06 PM
Today is 1/11/11 (what a cool date) and it is my 1st post of the new year! I am very optimistic about this new year. I am already making some changes and getting my life more organized. It feels great. My new best friend is FlyLady. She is awesome.

Gratitude: Today I am grateful for my Invisible Clock II. I is my little alarm clock that I can program to beep 12 different times each day to remind me when I need to leave the house to take the kids to school, when to pick them up, when start dinner, when the kids need to go to bed, etc... I keep it on the side of my fridge and I can hear it beep just about anywhere in the house. It is fabulous. It really helps keep me on track throughout the day.