I Just Had My 5th Birthday
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Author: Damon Created: 8/1/2010 10:16 PM
Damon's Blog
By Damon Case on 8/4/2010 8:37 PM

Me, Miri, Raven at my Party.

We had cake, and everyone else had ice cream, but I didn't have ice cream. I got some pet fish, and some of them died, but we got more. And they died again. Two of them died. Or was that three that died? It was not three that died. 

My fish tank. You can see the Red Platy and the underwater frog.

For presents, I got a BluRay player, a cowboy rifle, pistol & holster, and bow & arrow, some books, a Buzz Lightyear dart laser gun, and an Erector set. It was a good birthday. I had McDonald's french fries.
Also, for my birthday, I went to a Star Wars concert with my family, and there are Star Wars Mighty Beans that we should get. I liked the lasers, but not the part where they did two more songs at the end. I also went to see The Last Airbender, and Zuko looked weird. He was supposed to have black hair and a red scar, but he had black hair and just a normal scar. I liked it, but it did not look like the TV show. It was not dumb.