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Oct 31

Written by: Cindy
10/31/2010 11:01 AM  RssIcon

I am a procrastinator. I have been one for as long as I can remember. I don't like being one, but it is a hard habit to break AND I keep procrastinating actually doing anything to change it. Maybe tomorrow.....

So, I have a lot to share since we started this blog almost 3 months ago. Back then we were finishing the summer, and getting ready to put the kids in public school for the first time. We had a lot going on, and I really wanted to blog about it, but I put it off. Then school started and we got even more busy. Now, every time I think about blogging, I feel like I need to catch up first. Then, I procrastinate blogging anything because it seems like too much to catch up on first.

So for now, I will sum up the last 3 months as best I can:

We spent much of this month getting ready for school to start. We spent quite a bit of time shopping for new clothes, and buying all the required school materials. It was not fun trying to track down all of the very specific school supplies that each teacher requested. I went to the store several times to get all the necessary items. Then after all that, it turned out that some of the items really weren't necessary, and also some of the teachers gave out new lists the first week of school, that had additional items. So back to the store, or back online, I went. I think next year I will wait until after school starts to buy all the necessary items. They didn't use them the first week anyway, and it would probably be less of a headache for me.

Also, I spent part of August painting. I finished painting my office and the living room. They are both now a dark tan with bright white trim. They used to be all cream.


The first weekend of September, I took Miri to Busch Gardens amusement park in Williamansburg, VA for an end of summer get-away. We did it in one day: 3 1/2 hour drive first thing in the morning, play all day at the park, then 3 1/2 hour drive home late at night. It was a fun bonding time. Now that we have smart phones, we were able to keep ourselves entertained while standing in long lines. The weather was perfect, so it was a great day to be there.

School started the day after labor day. Miri is in 7th grade, Raven is in 4th, and Damon is in Kindergarten. The kids adjusted to public school so well. They were nervous, but jumped right in and made new friends, learned the layout of their schools quickly, and got into the routine of getting up early and doing homework each night, etc. I am so proud of them. I was nervous that the adjustment to public school was going to really hard on them. But they are strong kids and doing so well.

Painting: I don't think I actually painted anything in the house in September. My focus was on the start up of school and that took all my energy.

Much of October has been filled with home improvement projects as well as more unpacking and putting boxes away from our move in the Spring. (Remember, I am a procrastinator, plus we have had tons of home projects we've been working on since we moved in.) Also, I put lots of uneeded stuff on Freecycle, and now we can park both cars in the garage. Hooray!

Mid October Miri turned 13! We now have a teenager. It was a good birthday. Miri's birthday was midweek, so we took her and a friend to get gourmet cupcakes after school. Then we went out to dinner as a family to celebrate her birthday. Then we came home for cake and ice cream and presents. It ended up being a very long day and we all got to bed late, but it was a lot of fun. Maybe next year we will celebrate on the weekend.

Last weekend Aaron's parents, Gordon and Kathy, came to visit. It was great to see them and hang out together. We also had another little family birthday party to celebrate Miri's birthday, as well as Kathy's birthday (her birthday is today). Happy Birthday Kathy!

Painting: So I did a little bit of painting this month. I painted part of our entryway and I painted our 1/2 bath on the main level. Now I have 8 1/2 rooms left to go. Slowly but surely it will get done.

So today is Halloween. Damon is being a Transformer - Optimus Prime, Raven is a vampire, and Miri is a ninja. Damon has been counting down to today, he is so excited. We carved our pumpkins two nights ago. Raven carved a mini one at school, a classic face, then she carved another mini one at home, a ghost. Miri carved an owl into her pumpkin. I helped Damon carve a ghost face, then he taped a picture of a pumpkin with a ghost face on the back that he had drawn, and then colored all over his pumpkin with markers, then punched little holes in it to spell his name, and also added little colored pegs that glow when the pumpkin is lit up. He really had a lot of fun with his pumpkin. Aaron carved Aang from Avatar: the Last Airbender into his pumpkin. They all look great. I still have not carved mine (procrastination).

So that sums up the last three months. Maybe one day I will even get around to posting pictures of us doing the above mentioned activities. It is just too much for this procrastinator to do today. Maybe tomorrow....

I just want to add one more thing for today. I am going to start blogging about things I am grateful for - to remind me of all the good things in life, even if they are really small.

Today I am grateful for hummus. Specifically roasted pine nut hummus from Costco. I was eating it for lunch when I started this blog post. I have just recently started to eat hummus. I love it with veggies or crackers. Mmmm......hummus.

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3 comment(s) so far...


Re: Procrastination Is My Middle Name

Hey, can I join the Procrastinator Club? Eh, maybe I'll get around to joining later. :)

I'm pretty sure that you don't qualify as a procrastinator if you are painting as much as you are, all within a few months of moving in. 8 1/2 more rooms is nothin. When you get done and are totally bored (even though you have a Droid) will you come and paint at my house?

I'm so glad everybody is getting settled in school. You are smart to learn so quickly about supplies and how to do it different next year. I think I forget year to year and end up in the same mess over and over. I swear, it's like a scavenger hunt for parents!!

Sorry that I missed Miri's birthday! 13? Wow. Good luck with the teenager thing. She seems pretty mellow and mature, so she'll probably sale through and not give you any trouble. Tell her I love her!

Can't wait to see you guys at Christmas!

By Emily on   10/31/2010 7:06 PM

Re: Procrastination Is My Middle Name

Yes, Emily, you can join my Procrastinator Club. The more the merrier, but it is a stressful club. I'd much rather be in the Totally Organized and Always on Time Club, but that one is so much harder to get in to.

When my house is all painted, I wouldn't mind painting yours. I would just need you to fly me out in the summer, and the kids too, and then feed us, especially chocolate, house us, treat me like royalty and pamper me each day on my down time. And it would take me the whole summer to do it. Does that work for you?

I will pass on your love to Miri. You are right about Miri; she is pretty mellow and mature, and I think her teenage years will be great.

I am excited about seeing you at Christmas too. I can't believe it is just less than two months away. Is it really already time to start the Christmas shopping? I'm not ready for that yet.

By Cindy on   10/31/2010 8:55 PM

Re: Procrastination Is My Middle Name

Hi Cindy,
I'm so late posting on this blog that it is automatic that I should be included in the procrastinator club, not that I would have a hard time qualifying... And, by the way, I want in on you coming to paint rooms. I would love to have all the rooms in our house painted! Maybe Emily and I can split your flight and pampering charges!! Let me know when you are in on this!

By Julianne on   10/19/2011 3:51 PM